Temporary Placement

Whether you need someone for a few hours or 12 months we can supply you with temporary solutions for your business needs. Do you need to cover maternity leave, an extra workload or a specific project that requires additional staff? We have the Temporary Placement solution for you. Quick fills, long term / short term assignments - we have candidates ready to go.

GHRS Contracting and Consulting will supply you with skilled staff that can ‘hit the ground running’ - being productive and effective immediately. Our temps are rigorously screened so that we verify their credentials, their capabilities, skills and qualifications; we measure their depth and breadth of experience and prepare them for assignment as well as having them complete our workplace safety induction.

GHRS temps are work ready and we cover all statutory costs including EPF, ETF,  workers compensation, and all government taxes.. When you require that temporary fix, we will confirm the assignment details, the person and position capability. If the assignment is more than one year we will provide necessary training to employee at our cost.

When you engage a temporary placement, we provide the following: